Our Technology

Innovation reinvented

Quality, style and flexibility

Pentz Encore® SD Ultima® and APEX SDP represent the highest quality fiber systems in the commercial market. Both fiber types are built to provide the durability you expect with the style you want. And the choice of both broadloom and modular backing systems gives you flexibility in design and ease of installation.

Fiber Types

Encore® SD Ultima® Nylon Fiber offers a dependable fiber system that has been engineered to withstand high-traffic commercial applications. We integrate the color into the fiber, ensuring that it won’t fade and will retain its appearance for longer. And our Trilobal Type 6 Nylon is easy to clean and resists most permanent staining.

APEX SDP is a breakthrough in commercial polyester fiber systems. Using the most advanced polyester extrusion process in the industry, Engineered Floors has developed a high-performance polyester fiber that meets commercial requirements traditionally reserved for nylon. And the solution-dyed coloring process and stain resistance gives you a clarity that lasts even in heavy traffic commercial spaces.

Backing Systems

PremierBac® Plus

  • Stretch-in or glue-down installation
  • Lifetime broadloom performance warranties for tuft bind strength (edge ravel, yarn pulls and zippering), and dimensional failure
  • CRI Green Label Plus™ certified
  • Manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified facility
  • Contains pre-consumer recycled content and contributes to LEED
  • Electricity used in manufacturing is offset with renewable energy

Nexus® Modular Backing System

  • Lifetime warranties for tuft bind strength (edge ravel, yarn pulls and zippering), dimensional stability and protection from delamination failure
  • CRI Green Label Plus™ certified
  • Contains pre-consumer recycled content and contributes to LEED
  • Phthalate Free/Coal Fly Ash (CFA) free

Doesn’t fade from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight

Won't wear, even in high-traffic areas and has built-in soil resistance

Won't bleach from spot cleaning, even with household cleaners

Resists staining, even from things like red wine, chocolate and pet stains

We make our carpet in the most efficient ways possible

Thanks to our new technologies and processes we make quality carpet with minimal impact on the environment. All this means a cleaner, more responsible way to make the carpet people love.

30% Less energy

87% Less water in manufacturing

42% Less greenhouse emissions

Breathe easy

A well-maintained carpet creates a healthier indoor atmosphere. Your carpet acts as a filter to trap and hold airborne dust and other allergens until eliminated by regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning.

Carpet has many attributes beyond adding beauty and coziness to any room. It’s also a better insulator than other types of floor covering when it comes to maintaining room temperature. This means reduced heating and cooling costs and a quieter indoor environment.