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A History of Innovation

Headshot image of Robert E. Shaw

Fifty years ago, Mr. Robert E. Shaw turned the flooring industry on its head when the company bearing his name became the first carpet manufacturer to break into the Fortune 500. He guided the company to further growth as CEO until his retirement in 2006. But that’s not the end of the story.

In 2008, during the teeth of the recession, Mr. Shaw had a vision for a new flooring company. Mr. Shaw’s vision was so compelling that he left retirement and invested in what he called ‘disruptive methods’ – innovative technology that changed the way carpet had ‘always been done’. Knowing that he was taking a risk, yet believing it would pay off, in 2009 he founded Engineered Floors, LLC, and acquired the assets of Beaulieu in 2017, and in 2018 formed Pentz.

For over a decade, our mission has always remained the same — to support our customers and to serve our community every step of the way. At EF, carpet production happens all under one roof, so our Four Walls Process allows us to be nimble, maximizing sustainability and efficiency. We gained traction as a leader through our adherence to precision and innovation.



Pentz® Commercial

Pentz® Commercial Flooring Solutions, a division of Engineered Floors, was launched in 2016 following the acquisition of J&J Flooring. Our Commercial Divisions relentlessly pursue the mission of Engineered Floors by providing innovative, industry leading products through thoughtful design and ground breaking innovation.

Pentz has entered the commercial arena with hard and soft surface solutions for the specified and non-specified Mainstreet market sure to meet the needs of any space. One hundred percent of Pentz soft surface offerings are produced in our state of the art tile plant facilities located in Northwest Georgia, ensuring that from design to conception, your floor is manufactured to the highest standard in the industry under the watchful eye of generations of flooring expertise.