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Installation & Maintenance
We have an entire department dedicated to making sure your carpet installation goes smoothly and your maintenance is a success. We provide detailed instructions on how to properly install our carpet via the direct glue-down or stretch-in methods. Not only do we design and manufacture carpet, but we are pretty good about keeping it looking great. Please review this section for some tips and tricks.

At Pentz Commercial we are proud of our Carpet and LVT products, and this is why we stand behind them with some of the best warranties in the industry. This section contains an overview of all of our extensive warranties.

To view and print Material Safety or Technical Data Sheets for use with submittals and project documentation, please see this section.  Adhesives also provides information on proper carpet storage, handling procedures and floor preparation for adhesive installations.

APEX® SDP is the first commercial grade P.E.T. fiber and is produced on the latest state-of-the-art fiber extrusion equipment. Products made with APEX SDP have the performance attributes associated with traditional commercial products. APEX SDP® is an advanced commercial high-performance fiber that is highly resistant to stains, including oil-based stains. APEX SDP products offer lifetime warranties on stain removal, static, and colorfastness to light/atmospheric contaminants. When paired with the Nexus® modular backing system, the warranties also include dimensional stability, delamination, tuft bind, and edge ravel/zippering.

With our Encore® nylon fiber system, the color is integrated directly into the fiber leading to high appearance retention, staining and soiling resistance, and no worrying about “walk out.” These qualities, along with a lifetime warranty for stain removal, wear, colorfastness, and fiber performance make it the ideal choice for commercial applications.

Backing Systems
We manufacture both broadloom and modular carpet and offer you the flexibility to provide performance-matched flooring options. Visit our backing systems section to learn more.